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sunset_fics' Journal
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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
4:43 am
Drug Testing

I am a parent with two older teens and I worry about them using marijuana. I sometimes suspect that my kids may have tried this and I am concerned with them using this drug and also the potential of it being a gateway to other drugs. I went online to see if there were any home drug testing kits that I can use that will work to detect marijuana in their system.

I found several tests that can be used to test for this drug and most of them work by using a urine test. From what I understand, the best time to test is in the morning before the individual has a chance to drink any products that can wipe the substance from their system. While most sites state that marijuana stays in the system for 7 days, some of the other sites mention that it only stays in there for 3 days. I also know that there are some detoxifiers that can rid the body of the drug, although I think they have to be taken right before the test.

I am wondering which product is best to use when it comes to drug testing for your kids and if other parents out there have also had this experience. Do some products work better than others when it comes to detecting marijuana in the system? And do all recommend that testing be done in the morning or should it be at other times? I realize random drug testing of my kids may seem out of line to some parents but the way that I feel, if they live under my roof, they need to live by my rules. I am just trying to do what is right for my kids.

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Sunday, December 28th, 2008
5:34 am
Don't Give Up On Me - 01


I looked out of the porcelain window, taking my free hand and rubbing away the precipitation. The sky was grey and overcast, setting a dim mood across London. Everyone was quiet in the limousine. The sound of low and steady breathing lasted for what seemed like an eternity until we could hear footsteps outside. Kylie’s head shot up and she looked at me terrified.

 Her hands were folded neatly on her lap as she held the diamond necklace that boyfriend, Tom Fletcher, gave her just 6 months before. She never took it off. But now was different. She looked back down at her lap, fidgeting with the strings until the door slowly cracked open and a head popped through.

He looked young. Short brown hair and tall. He cracked a smile to all four of us and opened the door wider. It was Fletch.

Rach was the first one to step out. The wind blew across the airport, sending her hair in every direction.

Next was Kylie. Once her feet touched the black pavement she pulled the necklace around her neck, clipping it in the front. “Things can finally get back to the same, again.” She looked back at me, who was now standing beside her.

I pulled the sleeves of my dark blue Hurley hoodie tight around my stomach. I had always hated cold weather and somehow, it always seemed to hate me.

Brooklyn cursed under her breath as the wind picked up and took her hood from her head. I grinned and looked back in front of me as another black limousine pulled up just a yard from us.

It was only minutes until the four boys stuck their head from the door and stepped out.

This was it. We could finally be as one again. I lifted my head and our eyes met. And the way he looked at me ¾ that was the only thing that mattered.

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5:27 am
Don't Give Up On Me Info

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dougie, Danny, Harry or Tom but I do own Kylie, Nicky and Rach and other characters I add along the way.

Mains: Kylie/Tom, Rach/Danny, Nicky/Dougie, and Brooklyn/Harry

Others: McFly moms/siblings and Fletch.

Rating: 17+

Summary: Meant to be together. Meant for no one but each other. You love me. I love you harder.

A joint fiction.

Current Mood: artistic
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